We had Peter Nestler at our church for the evening program at our Fall Family Festival. He was able to engage and keep the attention of twelve hundred people from preschoolers to grandparents! Not only was his performance unique, exciting, and highly engaging, but his message was powerful. Peter is a very gifted athlete who uses his unique talents and skills to share the good news of Jesus Christ and challenges Christians to live for God by using God-given talents.

I highly recommend him to your church for your next event.

Connie H. Lee | Children’s Director | Korean Central Presbyterian Church | Centreville, VA

One Rope, One Wheel, One Word. Peter Nestler, founder and owner of the Rope Masters, has created a unique rope skipping program that is designed to engage students in an entertaining and educational way. We incorporate demonstrations from basic to advanced level skills, audience participation, unicycling, poi spinning and glow-in-the-dark ropes. Not only do we showcase some of the most unbelievable rope skipping that you’ll ever see, we also incorporate a message that is geared towards helping your students to become the champions/successes that God intends for them to be. Everyone of us are designed to be great in our own unique way, our goal is to help your students recognize certain steps that will help them discover what God has planned for their lives. We have programs designed for all ages. From children’s church to youth and college groups, we’ve got something that will impact and speak to your students.


Are you ready for one of the most exciting Children’s programs available? Our programs for this age are both fun and engaging. After years of performing for this age, we’ve learned the skills necessary to make an impact at their level. We’ve designed our program to capture their attention from the get-go with an awe inspiring rope skipping demonstration, unicycle demo and some great audience participation. After we’ve got things going, we incorporate a message that’s been tailored to their level on realizing that God’s got great things planned for them. We discuss the necessity of having a personal relationship with Christ, as well as learning to believe and profess what God believes about each and every one of them. This truth is taught through God’s word, stories, and object lessons. Don’t miss the opportunity to minister to your students in a completely different manner.

We have performed in many churches throughout the country, including Church on the Move, Prestonwood Baptist and Lakewood Church. See the program that many churches have called the “the most incredible…we have ever had…”


Though you may think that a rope skipping program won’t go over well with your kids, we’re constantly surprised by the great response we get from this age group. Whether they’re amazed at what can actually be done with a jump rope, or if they just dig the glow-ropes, our program can be a different, fun way for them to be ministered to. We have messages designed for outreach events as well as for your regular students. Over the years, we’ve performed for many great youth groups throughout the country, including Oneighty in Tulsa, OK, as well as many of their affiliates. Contact us for more information regarding our programs for this age group.


Contact us for up to date pricing information. Maybe you don’t have the largest budget to work with, that’s ok, we will work as best we can with whatever your budget is, so please feel free to make an offer and we’ll see what we can do. Our goal is ministry and if we can find a way to make it work, we will.