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We were so blessed to have Peter share his gifts with over 350 elementary campers at our annual Winter Retreat this year. The children (and adults) were amazed at the skills that he demonstrated and were wowed by his cool tricks. Peter used their captivation as a way to share his message about how we all have gifts and talents that come from God and even tied into our theme about loving God and loving others. After camp, our children were still talking about his performance and trying out new jump rope tricks. I even got on board with ordering some poi to try out some of the "glow-in-the dark" tricks. I would highly recommend Peter to be part of a camp, VBS, or school event! He has great passion for empowering kids and sharing God’s love through his very unique program.

Beth Allen | Winter Retreat Dean | Blue Lake UMC Camp | Andalusia, AL

Peter Nestler was a featured guest for our Kid’s VBS this year. It was a four-night event, and the final evening included our adults as well. Peter did a fabulous job! His is a unique gift to the body of Christ. Not only are his physical talents very impressive, his communication skills are also worth noting. He is a seasoned orator and a great motivator. His message on the final night was encouraging and challenging for all ages.

Amazing skills! Challenging message! Awesome evening! Peter Nestler brings it all! Highly recommended!

Mike Hammonds | Senior Pastor | First Assembly of God | Angleton, TX

It is not often I get to do something with zero degree of difficulty but to recommend Peter Nestler is one of those.

Peter has been with our Children’s Ministry on two occasions and both times has done a fabulous job. The first was a single performance for our Children’s Worship time. He entertained and presented a simple message on living a life of gratitude to our Kindergarten through 5th graders. The kids watched everything he did with a jump rope and listened to every word he spoke on living a life of thankfulness. Peter then spent a week with us at Sports Camp 2016 where he again entertained, but presented our daily Bible story to over 300 kids each night. Peter used his jump rope abilities to gain our kids attention and then taught them about how to live a life for Christ. Peter also delivered a great message on salvation that was to the point and easy for our kids to understand. Even our adult leaders commented on several occasions how fun it was to watch Peter and Alicia interact with our kids and listen to him introduce Jesus to our kids.

If you are looking for a unique performer with a gift to talk with kids and adults who is easy to work with I would highly recommend Peter Nestler to you.

Chris Gary | Minister to Children | Central Baptist Church | College Station, TX

Peter, thank you so very much for coming to minister to our kids at our Upward Closing ceremony this season – you were outstanding and had the kids completely engaged, and for such a very large and pumped up group that is not a simple task! All of us, kids and adults alike, were mesmerized by your incredible ability and the way you pointed us all to the One who inspires you inspired us all.

I also want to thank you personally for your sweet and kind spirit as you came to serve and the way you humbly spent time with the many, many kids afterwards that wanted to see and talk to you. That is what it’s all about and we were proud to have you come and help represent Jesus and show the community his love with our church. I’m blessed to have been able to partner with you in a good work.

I pray that God continues to bless your ministry and that He will take you to places you never dreamed of for His Kingdom!

Julie VanderMate | Production Director | Sugar Creek Baptist | Sugar Land, TX

Peter was absolutely fantastic! His jump rope routine was beyond anything that we could think or imagine. The children and parents were focused on Peter the entire time which made for a great way for him to share the gospel. His gospel presentation was clear, theologically sound, and was well done. Our church has been raving about his performance since he came. I would totally recommend Peter to come and share with anyone who is interested. They will be glad they did.

Jason Burnett | Minister of Students | Twelve Oaks Baptist Church | Paducah, KY

We were so glad to have Peter with us on this special day. He made it so easy to work with him and to get our program going during the morning. Our kids had a great time and I'm always excited to see the kids respond so well to a special guest. They really enjoyed listening to him and watching him jump rope. I enjoyed how Peter talked with the kids and communicated with them.

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Analisa Hood | Children's Minister | Mobberly Baptist Church | Longview, TX

We invited Peter to be our special guest for promotion Sunday in Children's church grades Kindergarten through 3rd. I love that he was engaging with our children, but not only that he included our adult volunteers in some of his activities and the kids loved seeing that. His message was so appropriate for starting school and how our kids could step out of their comfort and never say 'no' when God wants us to be an example. He is super easy to work with, but I think my favorite thing was that he read passages from the Bible and discussed them with the kids. I am a firm believer that it is so important at this age for our kids not only to hear God's Words and their truths, but also to have the visual of where those truths come from.

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Lynda Sammons | Children's Director | First Baptist Church | Humble, TX

We just had Peter Nestler in for an event and I have to tell you, his stuff was amazing! Our kids were so receptive, not only to his tricks and what he brought on stage, but also to the words that he shared. He cooperated very well with the lessons that we were currently teaching that month. He was amazing at giving the Word of God and also displaying it with the unique characteristics and talent God has given him. We definitely recommend him for your event and we would love for you to have the same experience that we had.

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Matt Prose | Children's Director | Church on the Rock | St. Peters, MO

In our 17 years of doing Upward, Peter is perhaps the most unique guest speaker we have had! His feats with the jump rope and unicycle are amazing! I was most impressed though with his presentation of the gospel. It was so smooth, clear, visual and simple for both kids and parents to comprehend. It is obvious that he puts the same priority and preparation into ministering as he does into entertaining. He is outstanding at both!!! It was very easy and delightful to work with him and his wife. Book them!!!

Phil Flourney | Associate Pastor | Bulverde Baptist Church | Bulverde, TX

We had Peter Nestler at our church for the evening program at our Fall Family Festival. He was able to engage and keep the attention of twelve hundred people from preschoolers to grandparents! Not only was his performance unique, exciting, and highly engaging, but his message was powerful. Peter is a very gifted athlete who uses his unique talents and skills to share the good news of Jesus Christ and challenges Christians to live for God by using God-given talents.

I highly recommend him to your church for your next event.

Connie H. Lee | Children's Director | Korean Central Presbyterian Church | Centreville, VA

People are still talking about your ministry here at New Life Family Church! Thank you for an excellent night of ministry and entertainment. Your presentation was engaging, exciting and encouraging. Your timing and interaction with the audience of both adults and children was superb. Your message was absolutely spot on! Our kids especially are still buzzing about your performance and challenge. It is with great pleasure that I recommend your ministry to anyone looking for both world class skill and community outreach!

Jeff Ulmer | Senior Pastor | New Life Family Church | Biloxi, MS

Peter Nestler captivates. He captivates the attention of all ages. He captivates the hearts of kids with the Gospel. I have partnered with him over the years and each time he brings the "wow" factor and the "God" factor into the house. If you want to reach out to your community, Peter is the person to call.

Dale Hudson | Children's Director | Christ Fellowship Church | Palm Beach Gardens, FL

We are always looking for ways to bring parents and children together to celebrate our faith. As we were settling on dates, a promo flyer landed in my mailbox from Peter...and, at short notice, still had our dates open!
Peter did not disappoint! His athletic ability amazes, his skill with a rope is unbelievable, but, more importantly, his ability to share Jesus is honest and real. Parents and children were entertained with the jump rope and unicycle, and were blessed by his message.

Diane Baylor | Children's Director | Cokesbury UMC | Knoxville, TN

Peter Nestler was a huge hit at our church! He awed our children for the whole time he presented (and to be honest, that's rare given the short attention spans of our kids!). He had a great balance of preaching the Gospel with visual effects and aids to help bring forth God's Truth in captivating ways while also showing the children that you can worship God with anything and everything He has given you-including cool, amazing ways to jump rope! There were a lot of "Ooo's" and "Ahhh's" from children AND adults the whole time. The videos on Peter on the website is completely accurate to the things he actually does. He is also a very humble man who is a pleasure to serve with. If you have any questions, I'd be more than happy to discuss anything more concerning Peter.

Shirley You | Children's Pastor | Metro Community Church | Englewood, NJ

First Baptist Church of Miamisburg recently had Peter Nestler come to our church to present at our Upward Awards Celebration and to our congregation the following day. He was fantastic! Peter's rope jumping skills are incredible and the glow-in-the-dark performance he does to conclude his program is simply stunning. The kids were literally lined up down the aisles waiting to meet him and ask him to sign their basketballs (which he did willingly and with joy). When you couple Peter's talent with his love for Christ and his ability to clearly share the gospel you have yourself a ministry that God is using to change lives all around the world. Nobody left the building without knowing what Christ has done on the cross to pay for our sins. Peter does not water down or distort the gospel...he declares it with clarity and boldness. I would STRONGLY recommend Peter to anyone. You will not be disappointed!

Matthew Stauffer | Assistant Pastor | First Baptist Church | Miamisburg, OH

Peter Nestler recently performed at our Upward Award Celebration. Peter presented an exciting, high energy performance that engaged and entertained the children and adults in attendance. I heard comments of "Awesome", "It's so cool" and "I wish I brought my camera." I have been involved with Upward for six years and this was the best performance I have seen. His gospel presentation was well presented and helped the children grasp their need for salvation. In addition to the performance, we had to reschedule due to weather and Peter was very gracious in working to reschedule the event. I would highly recommend using Peter Nestler of Rope Masters for your next event.

Marcie Newberry | Children's Director | Nettleton Baptist Church | Jonesboro, AR

We just had our 9th Upward Celebration Night and it was the best one we've had so far!! Peter Nestler brought a great presentation to our event. He captured everyone's attention with his amazing tricks and used the crowd so effectively. Peter effectively used his world-class skills of jumping rope and riding the unicycle and communicated with precision the truth of the Gospel message to our 375 athletes and their families! He really had the entire crowd of over 1,200 mesmerized!

I appreciated Peter's spirit of preparation and his passion to connect with the kids after the event was over. My only regret was that we didn't contract him to go to each of our schools in our district - he would have been the talk of the town!!

We can't wait to have Peter back again! Without a doubt, the best performer we've experienced!

Terry Bate | Senior Pastor | Flushing Community Church | Flushing, MI

We had Peter in for our Upward basketball celebration. He did a phenomenal job. He engaged the kids through the whole show and did a fantastic job with an exciting show. It was one of those moments that's just unreal with what he does with a jump rope. Let me tell you the best part about what he did. He presented the Gospel. The Gospel was clearly presented in a great way that the players and kids could understand. I would highly recommend that you use Peter for anything. He's a fantastic entertainer, but at the same time, is also a fantastic presenter of the Gospel and that's what it's all about.

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Shad Goltz | Student Pastor | First Baptist Church | Fernandina Beach, FL

We had Peter out on March 2 for our Upward Awards Night. His abilities with the jump rope are insane and the glow in the dark routine was a huge hit. We had many people tell us that his message was one of the best we have had in the 14 years we have been doing Upward. It was straight forward and to the point and easily understood by the kids. We truly enjoyed having Peter here.

Cyndee Gutierez | Upward Director | Oak Park Christian Center | Pleasant Hill, CA

I would absolutely recommend Peter Nestler for your next Awards Night, or really any group event. Peter has a very "easy going" personality, and confidently holds the attention of both adults and children during his show. He can do amazing things with a jump rope, and engages his audience masterfully. Peter also has one of the clearest Gospel presentations I've ever witnessed...very relatable (again for children AND adults).

Chris Rhyne | Upward Director | First Baptist Church | Lincolnton, NC

We had Peter Nestler for our Upward basketball celebration night. His communication skills with the kids was spot on. Among other things, besides his ability to jump rope and ride a unicycle and do the glow-in-the-dark entertainment, what he did with the Gospel presentation was perfect for the kids. We've already had so many comments on that. It was a blessing and God moved through him and I'm excited about what God is going to do as we follow up with the decisions that we know have been made. It was definitely a blessing and he is highly recommended.

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Cliff Kelley | Minister | First Baptist Church | Huntingdon, TN

We can't thank you enough for your energetic, dynamic and inspiring performance. You not only touch the lives of the young but inspired the young at heart! Our whole VBS program was about spreading God's word to the world and that requires us to get up and move! You showed us that God calls individuals to do the usual and unusual to spread his gospel! For kids today the world challenges them to look, be, and act a certain way, but you encouraged kids to not let physical challenges or worldly expectations get in the way of their true calling and to push through life's obstacles no matter how difficult. Because our church is not a mega church but quite the opposite - a small country church. Peter you took the challenge on and made it work with absolute finesse. Thank you for your patience and understanding. Your performance displayed strength, endurance, but most of all encouraged us that all things are possible through God. Your presentation encapsulated not only you performing but involved the children which they thoroughly enjoyed. Many memories were created that our children will remember for a life time. Your time and patience with each child was great.

Jennifer McCowan | Children's Director | Wesleyanna United Methodist Church | Etowah, TN

What a pleasure it was to have Peter with us at our summer church kid's camp. Peter brings incredible physical ability and rope jumping to the stage. The kids and adults were totally engaged with his presentation as he jumped rope and spoke. His Bible lessons fit perfectly with his rope jumping and it was all done with humility. Even away from the stage, he presented himself as a kind and concerned individual. As a Children's Ministry Director and Director of a children's camp, I often have to secure individuals to present programs. I can honestly say Peter is as fine of a performer as anyone I have dealt with. I highly recommend him to anyone desiring a program of great skill and an engaging presentation, whether for children, teens, or adults. Personally, I hope to work with him again.

Byron Tilton | Children's Ministry/Camp Director | New Liberty Baptist Church | Garland, TX

Peter Nestler adds a unique approach to entertaining audiences and offers a high-energy, interactive, engaging performance. In over 14 years of hosting quality outreach events, Peter is the only performer that I've invited back for another event. Put Peter on your short list for your next children's outreach event!

Paul Kroger | Recreational Outreach Pastor | Fellowship Bible Church | Little Rock, AR

We recently had the privilege of bringing in Peter Nestler to perform and speak at Common Ground. Peter was extremely easy to work with, very professional and courteous and an amazingly gifted individual. Peter's amazing skills with the jump rope and unicycle had all in attendance on the edge of their seats the entire evening. Talk about a hook! So when the time came for Peter to share his heart about how important it is to have a relationship with Jesus Christ, the audience was still locked in and the response to his message was a beautiful thing to witness. Although his talent and skills are incredible, it is his heart for sharing the hope and love of our Lord and Savior that provided just the right balance to an amazing night for young and old alike. Without reservation, I would highly recommend bringing Peter Nestler in for your next event or service. You will not be disappointed!

Craig Whittaker | Event Committee | Common Ground Event Committee | Pearisburg, VA

I can't thank you enough for the program you provided yesterday. The over 500 people in attendance were certainly treated to excitement and excellence as you showed your skills with a rope and on the unicycle. I received as many comments from adults as from the kids.

I admit, as a pastor, my favorite part of the program was when you shared what you were most proud of. Few of us can master something with the "World Champion" excellence you show with jump ropes. However, all in attendance left encouraged by your pride in your relationship with God through His son, Jesus Christ - something we can ALL have!

You are an inspiration to those you left behind in Stockton, CA yesterday and your ministry will bear fruit in our midst for years to come.

Mark Washburn | Children's Pastor | First Baptist Church | Stockton, CA

It was Nehemiah who encouraged us to let the joy of the Lord be our strength. It's that same joy that fills my heart when I think of the time I spent with Peter Nestler recently.

I had the privilege of hosting Peter Nestler and coordinating the time for him to minister here at Victory Life during our Easter Egg Hunt. During the time I had with Peter, it became clear that Peter was not just a performer, he was an evangelist with a heart for Jesus.

From day one of booking Peter there was an excitement in his voice and an eagerness to serve the body of Christ here in Battle Creek. He approached his time here with a heart to serve. I made changes a week from the event, and then again within the hour he was going to perform. He was flexible with the direction we felt we needed to take the event. Peter's flexibility made it very easy to work with him.

Peter didn't just perform; he ministered the Gospel of Christ. His jump rope show was engaging, funny, and captivated the audience. He did exactly what we were hoping for; his talent drew a crowd. This crowd then heard a very clearly, powerfully presented Gospel message from peter and in turn we saw over seventy-five salvations.

After working with Peter, I can whole-heartedly recommend him for any outreach event you may have. His heart for Christ, authentic joy, flexible attitude, and ability to capture a crowd equips him well to minister to any type of crowd.

Justin Smelter | Pastor of Student Ministries | Victory Life Church | Battle Creek, MI

Peter is a very gifted athlete that uses his unique skills to share the good news of Jesus Christ. His presentation is high energy, dynamic, and funny. Peter also did an incredible job connecting with the kids during the performance. Not only were the kids highly engaged to Peter's routine, but the parents thoroughly enjoyed it too. After the performance, Peter signed dozens of autographs and connected with our kids and parents.

The following two days, Peter performed six assemblies in five different local schools. His last performance was just as great as his first! Peter has a wonderful school assembly presentation that kept the attention of everyone from preschoolers to middle school students. The kids loved it!

Peter is a humble servant, and it was a pleasure to work with him. I highly recommend him to you for your next event.

Mark Messick | Adult Education Pastor | First Baptist Church | Saraland, AL

We just celebrated our sixth Upward season with Peter and would invite him back without question! If you desire an extremely high energy show with a clear, age appropriate gospel message, hire him. Peter's status as a world record holding jump rope champion gives him tremendous credibility with his audience, which he leverages brilliantly for God's glory; he is most definitely a world class man of God as well. It was clear that God had answered our prayers in a BIG WAY. Thank you, Peter Nestler!

Kyle French | Upward League Director | Spanish River Church | Boca Raton, FL

Peter Nestler joined us for our Upward Awards Night as the main speaker and entertainment. He was very well organized, on time and ready to go. He brought a high energy performance. The children and adults were amazed by his skills. They absolutely loved his glow in the dark performance. Most importantly, Peter brought the message of Christ and the plan of salvation to the children's level. He gave them a visual of God's saving love through a simple demonstration of a t-shirt and spray paint. Our ministry would welcome Peter Nestler back without hesitation.

Stefanie Grgurich | Children's Director | Coldwater Church of the Nazarene | Coldwater, MI

We just had Peter Nestler perform here for our Upward celebration. It was an amazing presentation because there was a great mixture of the message of the Gospel and to sum up what the coaches have been doing all season long in their devotionals. Peter did a great job in our celebration of wrapping that up and helping them see it in a way that was different, exciting and in a way that I think they can take away and remember, even at the youngest ages. They all enjoyed the jump roping, the unicycling, especially when we turned the lights out and he did the light show.

It was an exciting show, the kids were a part of it. He did a great job of getting them involved and bringing them up on stage. The kids love when they're involved with the show so they don't just feel like they're just sitting out there watching, but they are part of it. Even the adults, I noticed, were having a great time and really were involved and focused and engaged in the presentation. We appreciate Peter coming and really putting a great effort, energy and passion into something that we believe is very important for all of these families that come and participate in Upward sports.

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Jamie Waldhour | Director of Recreation Ministries | Fairhope United Methodist Church | Fairhope, AL

We had Peter perform at our annual Middle School lock-in at our church. He performed a high-impact jump rope routine and clearly shared the Gospel with 850+ Middle School (6th-8th grade) students. His routine was highly interactive and it truly captivated the audience of students. More importantly, he did an incredible job sharing the Gospel. His presentation was theologically sound, concise, and contextually appropriate given the audience. I highly recommend Peter Nestler. We can't wait to have him back.

Joey LoSurdo | Middle School Pastor | Hill Country Bible Church | Austin, TX

Peter performed for us and he was great! His show was amazing. He had lots of tricks that were jaw dropping. His message was very good, it was straightforward, it was easy to understand from the kids perspective and the parents. If we had to do it all over again, I would definitely have him back to perform for us. I would definitely recommend Peter for your event.

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Dave Allee | Upward Director | West University Baptist Church | Houston, TX

We had Peter Nestler out to do our Upward celebration. He did an awesome job entertaining the kids. He had their attention so well that during the Gospel presentation not an eye was off him. He did an awesome job presenting the Gospel in a fashion that was very biblical, he did based on grace through faith and belief in Jesus Christ is the only way into heaven. I would have him back again in the future.

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Trey Emory | Associate Pastor | Promise Land Missionary Baptist Church | Hamburg, AR

We just had Peter Nestler for our Upward Award program. Peter did an awesome job! Not only is he good at what he does, so entertaining to the kids, but also to the adults. What impressed me most about his program was that the Gospel presentation was weaved throughout his program. It wasn't just something that he added onto the end, but it was at the very core of what he was here to do. That came across very loud and clear. The kids were so into the program and the adults loved it. Most importantly, we had decisions made tonight for Christ. If you're looking for someone to do an Upward Award program, or to have someone at your church, I would highly recommend Peter to come and to share the Gospel to those that are there.

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Donnie Dehnke | Youth Pastor | Central Baptist Church | Portsmouth, VA

Peter Nestler's performance was unique and exciting - it had our kids awestruck and cheering from the moment Peter picked up his jump rope. His message was also powerful and thought-provoking. We had kids quoting him long after the performance was over and all of our evaluations ranked him as a perfect 10. If you are looking for a good blend of scripture-based teaching and fun entertainment, I highly recommend Peter Nestler.

Joanne Fisher | Youth and Family Minister | Christ Church Parish | Stevensville, MD

I am privileged to have the opportunity to write this recommendation for Peter Nestler, because it means I have worked alongside of him. We hired him to perform and speak at our Season Celebration to close out our Upward season. He not only was an incredibly talented performer, keeping everyone's attention from youngest to oldest, but also gave a clear, concise gospel presentation that spoke to the reality of what salvation means in accordance with scripture. Peter was easy to work with, willing to be flexible, and a joy to be around. His stage presence kept the kids focused, the adults entertained, and everyone thoroughly enjoyed it. He was also very personable following the event and was willing to meet, greet, and even teach skills to anyone who stopped by his table. Peter Nestler was great and I highly recommend him to anyone looking for an upbeat, talented, Christ-centered performer.

Vicky Fleck | Upward Director | Greece Assembly of God | Rochester, NY

All I can say is, "Outstanding! Awesome job!" He did an amazing job of keeping everybody's attention and his gospel presentation was spot on! I can't say enough about him, I'm looking forward to the day we can get him back for our Upward presentation. I can't say enough about him, great job. I highly, highly, highly recommend him. Thanks a lot.

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Rick Wells | Elder | Knox Presbyterian Church | Harrison Twp, MI

This past weekend we had Peter Nestler as out guest performer for our Upward Awards Night and children's ministry services. I could not have asked for more from Peter as a guest and I would recommend him to anyone looking for a performer for elementary aged kids. Peter was not only great on stage, but he was great to work with off stage. Since he was with us for an entire weekend my team and I got to spend a lot of time with him and he has a great attitude and is very flexible. I appreciate his humble spirit and positive attitude. One specific things that stood out to me with Peter that I have not seen form other guests is that he put a lot of time and money into his promo material. He made digital image files available for us to use for our invitations and has an extremely high quality promo video that allowed us to promote our event without spending a lot of time and money. Peter's on stage performance was top notch! He was fun and entertaining and uses a lot of interactive elements to keep the kids engaged. At one point in his glow routine the kids were so excited with his performance that they were screaming at the top of their lungs! Peter also took time to teach jump rope tricks to the kids and sign autographs after the performance was over. I look forward to having Peter back some time soon!

Joe Schafer | Children's Pastor | Allison Park Church | Allison Park, PA

Peter Nestler from Rope Masters is a top-notch performer. His performance was captivating, exciting and entertaining, not only for the Upward kids, but for the parents in attendance as well. The manner in which he presented the Gospel was awesome...easy to understand and engaging. This was our 4th Upward season, and several parents commented after the show that they liked Peter more than any other entertainer we'd had in the past. Two people approached me afterward asking for his contact information to refer him to another organization who is looking for a similar performance. We will definitely have him back.

Jason Meinershagen | Upward Director | First Baptist Church | Wentzville, MO

We had Peter for our Upward Award Celebration and he was wonderful! We found him to be very personable and very professional. His Gospel presentation was powerful. He really engaged the kids and the adults also. We would definitely consider having Peter back.

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Charlie Higgins | Senior Pastor | Westview Baptist Church | Sanford, FL

Peter Nestler kept the audience's, both young and old, attention from the very start, and he built upon the excitement with every step of the performance. He was interactive, funny, and motivational. He used his amazing talent as a connection point to help the children understand that they, too, each have their own gifts and talents. He motivated the children to work hard for their desires and the talents that God has given them. He presented the Gospel to the audience in a compelling visual manner for the children, yet he still read from Scripture in a way that spoke to the adults in the room. It's difficult to bridge such a wide age range, but Peter Nestler did just that. Both the children and the adults were still talking about his performance for days!

David Ericson | Youth Pastor | First Baptist Church | Artesia, NM

Peter Nestler exceeded our expectations! Not only did Peter's message speak well to the audience, but he kept each person entertained with his unique talents and abilities, regardless of their age. It is not often that one can entertain an audience of 5 to 95.

It is without hesitation that we would recommend Peter Nestler for your event!

Doreen Baxter | Upward Awards Night Coordinator | Green Pond Bible Chapel | Rockaway Township, NJ

Peter was AWESOME for our Upward Basketball and Cheerleading year-end celebration! He captivated the audience with his 'mad' rope skills and most importantly, he delivered a powerful gospel presentation, bringing both kids and adults to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Book him now! You will not be disappointed!
We had 50 kids and 2 adults mark that they received Christ for the first time.

Ray Ramage | Upward Director | Grace Place | Lamar, MO

I would highly recommend Peter Nestler for any type of Children's program. He was entertaining for all ages. I heard adults as well as young children laughing and clapping and having a good time. His message was clear and right on point for what we were trying to talk about for our season. Everything he did was great. I would highly recommend him!

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Annette Ard | Upward Director | The Heights Baptist Church | Richardson, TX

We were recently privileged to have Peter Nestler come and share his amazing talent with our middle school group a few nights ago.
As I sat back and watched in my own amazement at his talent, I saw the same look on people's faces around me. There were moments as Peter shared about his relationship with Christ in which you could have heard a pin drop and moments when the cheering bubbled up because of the anticipation of what was next. His message was very Christ centered and focused on being grounded in who God is. I would highly recommend Peter to any school or church that is looking for an opportunity to expose their students to a phenomenal athlete who chooses to use his talent to bring glory to God and change the world around him.

Jason Jackson | Middle School Ministries Director | Sunnybrook Church | Sioux City, IA

Peter Nestler is the Rope Master! Our kids were mesmerized by his unique ability and creative presentation. Peter is flawless in execution and seamlessly moves from one set to another. I have heard many Gospel and championship presentations from kids service performers and Peter is, by far, the most engaging and straightforward. The glow-in-the-dark piece was spectacular, an ideal ending to the show. Peter is a mature believer and man of honor; a great role model for our kids. We can't wait to have him return next year!

Kym Bangs | Director of Children's Ministry | Cherry Creek Presbyterian Church | Englewood , CO

Peter did an amazing job captivating the entire audience with his performance. He is truly a talent and God used him to speak to all ages with his dynamic skills, which were mind blowing, and very clear Gospel presentation. I would recommend Peter to anyone wanting a great speaker and entertainer for just about any event. He took the time to meet and talk with kids which meant so much to them and the parents. God has his hand on Peter and is doing wonderful things!

Travis Laflin | Youth Pastor | New Hope Church | Earl, NC

I would recommend Peter Nestler for any upcoming event that you might have. The kids really enjoyed his stunts and he was very entertaining. It was exciting and his Gospel message was clear, precise and direct. It was a huge success in my opinion.

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Steve Young | Upward Director | Washington Baptist Church | Washington, VT

We had Peter Nestler come and perform for us at our Upward Celebration. He did a great job. He entertained both the parents and the children. We were wowed by his amazing abilities, abilities that God has given him. He did a super job at presenting the Gospel of Jesus Christ and sharing about how important that is and how important Jesus is in his life. I would recommend him very highly to anyone who needs an entertainer, an Upward entertainer or entertainer to share the Gospel with their group of children.

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Jeff Fitzhugh | Children's Pastor | First Baptist Church | Corsicana, TX

Peter is a man gifted by God with multiple unique talents. Our church was amazed by Peter's abilities, but more importantly, by Peter's presentation of the gospel. He remained biblical and clear and after his message, left no doubt about what it means to be a Christ-follower. Peter was great to work with and a blessing to have as a guest. Book him today!

Andy Johnson | Children's Pastor | Ingleside Baptist Church | Macon, GA

If you are looking for a performer who can thoroughly engage an audience of all ages, I highly recommend The Rope Master, Peter Nestler. Peter has unbelievable skills with jump ropes, unicycles and other goodies, allowing him to perform tricks that people have never seen and would not think possible. He captivated our audience of families with kids from age 4 up through parents and grandparents, (even including several of them in the show!) while earning "permission" to speak to us about vision, and living with intentionality for God. Peter expanded our idea about the things that are possible with a jump rope, or other areas of life, and his glow stick finale brought the house down! Peter really is a master at his craft, a great communicator, and is also one of the most down to earth guys you will meet. You will be surprised at how easy it is to work with Peter, and how much he can add to your event!

Nate Ransil | Assistant Director of Programming | Sandy Cove Ministries | North East, MD

I am pleased to recommend Peter Nestler to entertain and share the gospel at your event. He recently performed for our Upward Basketball Awards ceremony and received a great response from the children involved. His skills with a jump rope are astounding and he was very easy for us to work with. I've experienced entertainers who do a great job on the stage, but feel like more trouble than they're worth before and after the program. Peter was a pleasure before, during, and after the venue. In fact, when his schedule adjusted so that he didn't need a hotel room for the night, he sacrificed it for the day to save our church budget some money and help us be better stewards. If you need a Christian entertainer, I am confident Peter will do a great job for you!

Dan Bellamy | Youth Pastor | First Baptist Church-Atlanta, TX | Atlanta, TX

Peter, I wanted to let you know how much our congregation enjoyed you being here. The event was amazing and your lesson was awesome for kids, youth and even our older members! God has truly blessed you with amazing talents, both physically and spiritually. I would recommend you to any church that wants to host a fun event to bring both young and young at heart together.

Amy Vanderpool | Children's Director | Church of Christ at The Colonies | Amarillo, TX

Peter came and spoke to our Children's Ministry group at a retreat in Dubach, LA. He did a fantastic job because kids at this age really need to be entertained first, and then when you have their attention, you can start talking about God and the Bible and tell them stories they can really relate to. Peter did just that. He amazed the kids with his skills, as far as his unicycling and jumping rope. He amazed the kids with all his wild stories and then brought it back home by talking about God and the Bible and relating it to how they can use God in their own lives. We would highly recommend him to any other Church group considering having him as a speaker.

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Debbie Head | Children's Director | The Owl Center | Dubach, LA

Peter not only captured the attention of the kids with his incredible athletic ability and footwork that captivated the kids, but he engaged the children in every aspect of his program. Not only did he teach the kids about the importance of taking care of their bodies through exercise, but he also inspired them to be the best at whatever they decided to do. His message of working hard to achieve their goals, dedication and fun was taught in a way that is still making an impact in our kids today. But one thing Peter said really sticks out in my mind. He said, "Your choices are more important than your feelings." One thing we teach our kids is that they need to choose to make the wise choice, and wisdom comes from God, when determining if they should or should not do something. Thank you Peter for making a difference in our kids lives. I plan on inviting Peter to come back in the near future.

Jamie Lantzsch | Children's Pastor | Cross Church | Rogers, AR

We decided to go in a different direction this year for our Upward Award's Night and not have the traditional ball handler or illusionist but to bring in an artist that could do something different, was age appropriate, and could share the gospel in a way that the audience regardless of age could grasp and apply to their life. Peter Nestler delivered on all counts!

The crowd of over 600 was riveted to the stage, the performance and the message as Peter displayed the God given talents that he has and tell the audience that they too could be Champions for and with God. At the end of the evening the comments ranged from "best show in 6 years" to "unbelievable" to "when is he coming back?" One of my favorites was "that guy must be one of the strongest and best conditioned dudes I've seen in a long time. How does he hold on to that unicycle and jump like that? And how can he jump over a rope lying flat on his back? WOW!"

I can unequivocally recommend Peter to anyone looking for the WOW factor for their event. Failure to have him will result in a less than anticipated return for your effort.

Doug Hill | Director of Christian Activities | Calvary Baptist Church | Winston-Salem, NC

The FBC Antlers Upward group loved your show. We have kids from grades kindergarten through 6th grade. All of them stayed focused on your show the whole time. I know my son really appreciated getting your autograph after the show. Thanks for making yourself available to everyone to sign autographs and have pictures taken. The kids really looked up to you. The show involved many skills that amazed everyone. We recommend you to anyone and everyone. We would love for you to come back again sometime. You are truly a professional!

Matt Arnold | Upward Director | First Baptist | Antlers, OK

I can say with 100% certainty that I would have Peter Nestler back to my church. Peter did a great job with the children and got them involved in the program. He spent time with them at our fall festival before his time on the stage and interacted well with them. Our children and adults thoroughly enjoyed having him here. God has given him a tremendous talent that he uses to glorify God.

For all that Peter did the best thing he did was to present a very clear Gospel message to everyone present and then invite anyone that has not trusted in Christ as Savior and Lord to do so. I really appreciate the fact that he was not here just to entertain, though he did entertain, he was here to tell us about God's love and His plan for us.

I have no reservations whatsoever recommending Peter and his ministry to you and your church. I believe you and your church will be blessed and ministered to.

Dan Rosser | Pastor | Lincolnton Baptist Church | Lincolnton, GA

We just had the opportunity to have Peter Nestler come out and minister to our kids at our kickoff for our Vacation Bible School. He did an amazing job, I highly recommend him to come out to your church. The bible teaching and the bible lessons, and the stories that he relates to the kids and families were right on line with what we needed and what we wanted. With high energy and high expectations, he met all of them! Our kids were really brought into the stories that he told and our parents were intrigued as well. For an entire family event it worked out perfect for us. So I would highly recommend Peter to come to your church, he does a phenomenal job sharing God's word as he shares his talents. Great job and we'd love to have him back someday.

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Chris Gabbard | Children/Pre-Teen Pastor | Compass Christian Church | Colleyville, TX

My name is Amy Nuttall and I am the Director of Elementary in the BT KIDS! ministry at the Brooklyn Tabernacle church in Brooklyn, NY. We had the privilege of hosting Peter Nestler at our 9:00 am and 12:00 pm BT KIDS! services. It was such a wonderful time! Our children sometimes have difficulty focusing and paying attention for extended periods of time, but they stayed completely engaged throughout the presentation. I appreciated how a significant portion of Peter's program used concepts related to jump rope, training, endurance and being a "champion" to Scriptural truths. I felt that the message that he presented was clear and age-appropriate. Overall, it was a terrific day and I would heartily recommend him to any children's ministry or church group!

Amy Nuttall | Director of Elementary | Brooklyn Tabernacle | Brooklyn, NY

Once again, with over 600 kids from 1st thru 6th grade in our Sunday services, Peter Nestler held their attention with his extreme jumprope ability! Our kids love being ministered to by Peter; and, they think he is the coolest. If you want your kids to hear a great message as well as enjoy an awesome performance, then Peter is your man. The children eagerly bring their friends and the altar call following Peter's message brought many forward to receive Jesus as their Lord and Savior. We will definitely be bringing Peter back!

Joe Lueras | Children's Pastor | Legacy Church | Albuquerque, NM

We just had Peter for our Upward closing and it was a great show! He was extremely entertaining. Of the 6 years that we have been doing this, definitely was the most engaging and most exciting entertainer that we've had, we loved having him!

I would say the best part about the show he did was the way he communicated God's love to the kids and the adults alike. It wasn't just directed for the children, but he was also able to connect closely with the adults that were in the audience. Just a phenomenal job with that and I know that God really used the words that he said. He had a great way of communicating and talking about God's love to them. I would definitely recommend Peter to anybody who is interested, definitely worth everything you have to pay for him.

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Aaron Kohler | Upward Director | Grace Bible Church | Minooka, IL

This morning we had the privilege to have Peter Nestler, World Champion jump roper, and had a fabulous time. He was a great presenter to the kids with his jump roping ability as well as his unicycle. Probably the greatest thing about it was his clear presentation of the gospel to the kids. I was very proud and honored that he would do what he does as a world champion as far as jump roping and also share Jesus with my kids. Also, so many things we do, we bring so many people in, a lot of them is just magic and illusions, it was also a great activity, something a little bit different. The jump roping is not something you get everyday and Peter did a great job with it. I highly recommend anyone who has the chance to bring Peter in and experience his ability on the jump rope and his presentation of Christ.

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Tim Bailey | Children's Pastor | North Metro First Baptist Church | Lawrenceville, GA

If you are a Children's Pastor, Youth Pastor, or even a Pastor of a church and you are looking to do an event that is going to amaze your church, amaze your kids, amaze your teenagers, then Peter Nestler is the man for the job. We just had him in, he did his performance for our kids. Not only is it amazing to see what he does with a jump rope and all the skills and tricks, but the message that is behind what he does is what's so amazing. The way he's able to incorporate the things of God into his performance. If you are looking to do a big event, or just to do something really special for your church, Peter Nestler is the man for the job.

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Joshua Blount | Assistant Pastor | Gateway Church | Frisco, TX

The show is fun and exciting for our kids and parents and everyone of all ages. The gospel presentation was spread throughout the entire presentation. We had parents come up to us and tell us, who had been involved in our Upward program for several years, that this was their favorite awards night of their time here at New Life Camp.

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Tricia Price | Upward Award Booking Person | New Life Camp | Raleigh, NC

Peter Nestler, a children's evangelist, has my full recommendation to be used in any children's ministry as a source of entertainment with a solid Christian message. Mr. Nestler recently performed in my children's department. His performance was both confident and entertaining. The children really enjoyed the former World Champion and responded well to his message. His entire performance overflowed with the love of Christ.

The greatest compliment I can give to Peter Nestler's ministry is that I enjoyed it so much, my desire is to have him back again. His performance was a refreshing change because it provided something new and different for the children to enjoy. I would encourage anyone to invite Peter Nestler to perform for their children and allow him to enhance their children's program.

Jim Wideman | Associate Pastor | World Outreach Church | Murfreesboro, TN

We've just completed our 4th year of Upward Basketball it's been a great ministry for us. and I'd like to recommend to you Mr Peter Nestler. He's a world class jump rope jumper our young people really loved him as well as the adults he did a super job in the presentation and I recommend him to you. Peter Nestler is easy to get along with, he's low maintenance, he's not hard to serve and to minister with in an Upward setting.

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Aaron Weibels | Senior Pastor | New Site Baptist | Monett, MO

I would highly recommend to you Peter Nestler. He's a high energy exciting speaker and motivator. He'll have your kids on the edge of their seat. He does a great job, super easy to get along with and you need to have him to do your Upward end of the year celebration.

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Sam Harkey | Upward League Director | New Site Baptist | Monett, MO

It's my great pleasure to recommend to you Peter Nestler for your Upward Awards night. Peter came to our church and performed an incredible show - from the very first point, our kids attention was squarely on him. The show was phenomenal but even more importantly the message was spot on from what we wanted. He talked about what it means to become a champion for God and what the most important thing is and that is that you have a relationship with God and with Jesus Christ. Peter's shows are mesmerizing and the kids will enjoy it, parents will enjoy it no matter what the age is. Peter Nestler definitely is the right man to have for your Upward Awards night.

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Chris Bailey | Pastor | Liberty Church | Broken Arrow, OK

It is my pleasure to recommend Peter Nestler to you. I have had him to my church and to area schools several times. Each time he has come he has done a great job with the kids. Peter gets and keeps the kids attention as well as teaching them that they can succeed in whatever they want to do. Peter is very creative with many different ways to jump rope.
I will definitely have him back again and highly recommend him.

Barb Reece | Children's Pastor | Resurrection Life Church | Grand Haven, MI

As the director of the Upward Basketball Program at Johnson Ferry Baptist Church, I had the pleasure of hosting Peter Nestler for our Awards Night Celebration. Peter is an excellent entertainer and I would like to take this opportunity to recommend Peter for your Upward Awards Night Celebration.

Peter provides an excellent presentation that grabs the attention of all who are attending, children and adults alike. His highly skilled demonstrations with the jump rope and accompanying props will leave you amazed. Peter takes time to teach and give a brief explanation of the tricks that he performs throughout his presentation but it doesn't just end there. The 7-time jump rope world champion ends with a high energy 5-6 minute "freestyle" routine that incorporates all of his tricks into one impressive demonstration. Don't miss out on Peter's grand finale as he performs in the dark with glow in the dark jump ropes and props that send the evening off with a bang!

Peter takes this opportunity of grabbing the audience's attention to share with them something even more impressive, how to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. It is apparent that Peter has spent significant time working with children as he demonstrated a great knowledge of not only how to communicate to them but also how to maintain their attention. Throughout his performance, Peter takes time to implement a two part story that builds into presenting the Gospel. Both sections are in story-telling form and last no more than a couple of minutes before going back to his demonstration. This allows him to maintain the audience's attention. At the end of the night before the grand finale, Peter takes more focused time to wrap up his story which leads into the Gospel presentation. He spoke on a level that the children could understand and respond to. We had a tremendous response to Peter's presentation this year during our Awards Night.

It is for these reasons that I highly recommend Peter Nestler as an Upward Sports Awards Night Entertainer. The combination of his talents as an entertainer with a jump rope and ability to communicate the love of Christ through his performance is a great opportunity to reach those in your league.

Taylor McCown | Upward Director | Johnson Ferry Baptist Church | Marietta, GA

My name is Mike Gardner and I am the Pastor of Harvest Church and World Outreach in Norfolk, Nebraska and I’m writing on behalf of Peter Nestler of Rope Masters.  Our church invited Peter to Norfolk as an outreach to our schools.  In two days time he entertained eight schools with his exciting rope jumping skills and an inspirational message.  At each school an invitation was given to come to our Wednesday night service where he would perform even harder tricks. Our special service with Peter was packed with kids and adults with many of them accepting Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. If you are a Pastor looking for an innovative way to reach your community with a successful outreach, please consider having Peter in!

Mike Gardner | Senior Pastor | Harvest Church & World Outreach | Norfolk, NE

What an awesome program the Jump Rope Master, Mr. Peter Nestler, presented to our 1st – 5th graders! The presentation was unique and he brought so much energy and excitement to the room. The kids were captivated by all the jump rope stunts. Kids and adults were amazed and engaged by his incredible athletic abilities. Our teachers and staff were also impressed with how Mr. Nestler kept the children’s attention throughout the entire program. Discipline was not an issue during our services. The icing on the cake was when the message of the Gospel of Jesus was presented. Many children made a decision to give their heart to Jesus. The hearts and lives of hundreds of children were touched. We look forward to the next time Peter comes to minister to our children in Kidslife @ Lakewood Church.

Craig Johnson | Children's Pastor | Lakewood Church | Houston, TX

My name is Kathy Awalt and I am the Director of Children's Ministry at the First United Methodist Church in Matton, Illinois. It is my pleasure to inform you about the ministry of Peter Nestler.
In Children's Ministry, one of the biggest hurdles is finding a way to bring families together. Peter Nestler ministry helped us to do that!
I can speak on behalf of everyone, no one walked away disappointed or unfulfilled. Not only did Peter give an awesome performance, but he also delivered a wonderful message encouraging all the people, children and adults, to be "champions for Jesus".
He was very easy to work with and my husband and I found him to be a delight just to be with. He is very personable, and is gifted in holding the audience captive! You will also find him to be prepared spiritually, physically and emotionally. His work is excellent and his performance proves it!
I loved the way that he included children and adults in his presentation.
We had a variety of age groups and denominations that evening and with the help of God, Peter was able to minister to all levels. It was wonderful to see unity among the body of Christ.
It would be my pleasure to have Peter Nestler come back, and I encourage anyone who is looking for a new and fresh way to minister to all people, consider Peter Nestler ministry.

Kathy Awalt | Director of Children's Ministry | First United Methodist Church | Mattoon, IL

We just had Peter for the second time in about 2.5 years. His program, the kids really relate to it, they learned a lot from it. I've seen him really get down and teach on their level. The program is high energy and it's fun, but also when it comes time to get the point, they got the point. I've also seen him turn it up and teach on a youth level or a young adult level. He's able to hit all ages if he needs to.

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Benny Cunningham | Children Pastor | Kingwood Church | Alabaster, AL

We got to witness a great program by Peter Nestler. I wondered coming into it, 'What is a jump rope guy gonna do?' But it was amazing to see all the different things. We had a group of kids here from age 4 years old and younger up through sixth grade, and even older. They were entertained the whole time, they were into the presentation the whole time. Peter did a great job of entertaining and also sharing the gospel with these kids. It was just a great experience for Hunter Street Baptist Church and for our Upward Soccer program to have Peter come and be a part of that and have so many kids and adults experience that.

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David Lovering | Sport/Youth Pastor | Hunter Street Baptist Church | Birmingham, AL

Peter did a super job with our Awards Night program for our Upward Soccer league. He did a great job of entertaining about 1,000 - 1,100 people here at our auditorium. He just gave our kids and their parents a great, great event and a great show. He did a super job with the testimony and the opportunities they have to be champions in Jesus Christ.

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David Emmert | Upward Director | Pleasant Valley Baptist Church | Liberty, MO

It was our privilege to have Peter Nestler bring his unique abilities to our church and community. Peter performed and spoke in two school assemblies: one to 250 junior high students; the other to 150 high school students. In both assemblies, he captured their attention immediately and retained it throughout his presentation. Some teachers had expressed some concern about the student’s interest prior to the assemblies but all commented afterward at how amazed they were at Peter’s ability to engage students of all ages.

Peter closed out the day with a great performance at our Oneighty® youth service. It was a great evening with an above average attendance. Many of the students from the school assemblies came to our youth service for the first time. Peter is not only an exception athlete and performer, but is an engaging communicator.

We found Peter to be very professional in up front communication regarding arrangements for his engagements with us. He delivered all that he promised and exceeded our expectations. I highly recommend him to you.

Kirby Anderson | Senior Pastor | Word Of Grace Community Church.Oneighty | Sheboygan Falls, WI

My name is Richard Maus and I am the Children's Minister at Cornerstone Church in Toledo, OH. I would like to take a few moments to inform you about the ministry of Peter Nestler. Peter has ministered at our church three times and the kids and workers absolutely loved him! Peter Not only entertained, but really challenged our 6 year olds through 6th graders in their walk with the Lord.

I personally appreciated Peter's willingness to be flexible and work with whatever program was desired. Peter has a heart to help make your VBS, Big Day, or other special event a success. The kids' attention was totally captured as he performed his amazing jump rope tricks and he was able to get the kids involved in his presentation. With all of that said, I believe that my workers liked him even more than the kids. They are eagerly awaiting his return to our church.

We also worked with a couple of schools in our city where he performed at school assemblies. Many "ooh's" and "aah's" were heard throughout the program and the school loved it. What an opportunity to reach out to your community by bringing in Rope Masters to your church. I recommend Peter Nestler without reservation and plan on bringing him back to the church in the near future.

Richard Maus | Minister of Children's Services | Cornerstone Church | Toledo, OH

Thank you so much for your ministry. Peter Nestler visited us this spring. Many of our young people commented “This is the best event we have ever had.” At the end of his performance (which was spectacular) Peter led 40 teenagers to Christ.

Peter has great integrity and is a talented and committed young man. If you have any hesitation whatsoever about bringing him to your church, school, or event, please give me a call anytime. Peter is flexible, he is willing to work with your program or may already have one designed to meet your needs. I cannot say enough good things about him, his commitment to Christ and his performance other than we will definitely have him back!

Greg Holland | Youth Pastor | Momentum Youth Ministry | Cincinnati, OH

Peter Nestler of Rope Masters treated our youth to an outstanding performance. His rope skills were amazing, and extremely difficult, but he made it look easy. I think our young people really got the message that it takes a lot of work to be a success, but it is well worth the effort.

I believe, though, that the most important message Peter conveyed was that Jesus is Lord of his life. In every skillful maneuver, he communicated the Word of God. He was respectful in everything he did, and was very personable and enjoyable to be with, even behind the scenes.

I was very impressed with Peter and would definitely ask him to come back. I highly recommend him to any church or organization that is looking for a role model of excellence and integrity for youth.

Dale Campfield | Senior Pastor | Love & Faith Christian Center | Cincinnati, OH

I would highly recommend Peter Nestler for any children's/family events. Peter Nestler performed at our Upward Basketball Award's ceremony this past March. He was very easy to work with and our players and parents had a great time. Peter was very clear in presenting the gospel through related scriptures between performances. He met our expectations and beyond. Peter Nestler is a great performer and a true professional.

Debbie Zachariah | Upward Director | Jersey Baptist Church | Pataskala, OH

Without a doubt Peter Nestler is one of the most incredible guests we have ever had at Prestonwood Baptist Church. His show has tremendous energy, vitality and the kids were thrilled with every minute of it. Many of them are already asking about when he can come back
We heartily recommend him to your church. You will be happy he did.

Sondra Saunders | Children's Minister | Prestonwood Baptist Church | Plano, TX

We just finished a weekend having Rope Masters here. We had a record weekend, we haven't had this many kids in...forever. It was an awesome weekend, we had kids inviting their friends. One of the cool stories that came out of this weekend that I heard about was we had one child that wanted so bad to come that he had a ride, but that child got sick at the last minute forcing his parents to come. And they came to church with their child, ended up in the church service, having never been to our church before. Because the kids were so excited to come and see the Rope Master. As I was talking with the kids as they were leaving, after watching the Rope Master show, every single child was just so excited for what they had learned. I talked with a lot of kids who were excited about trying to jump rope and were really excited about the possibilities. I feel that Peter's message was just so relevant to where the kids are at, he's really good with the kids, he can control them and has a great message for the kids. I would highly, highly recommend him, he was just awesome!

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Beth Post | Asst. Children Director | Eagle Brook Church | White Bear, MN

Just moments ago we finished having a super event with Peter Nestler, 7-Time World Champion Rope Jumper. Let me tell you, some of the folks were a little skeptical when I said we're having a jump roper come in, this guy was awesome! He broke out his glow ropes and the place went wild. He's an incredible guy, an incredible message. I've had many speakers come in and Peter's right there at the top of them. I'd recommend him to anyone at any time for your Children's Ministry. He relates to our kindergarteners through our sixth graders. Peter, it was great to have you with us.

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Ralph Meaker | Children Pastor | Hyde Park Baptist | Austin, TX

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Greg Sanders | Youth Pastor | First Assembly of God | Camden, AR

It has been my privilege to know Peter Nestler and his ministry now for several years. We have utilized Peter's gifts again and again at Church on the Move. He has performed in classes ranging in ages from young elementary through to teenagers. Peter is a talented young man, with a heart to serve and be a blessing to students and the Body of Christ. Peter is a great guy with a big vision, and the heart to pull it off. I highly recommend Peter for church groups of all ages and public school assemblies.

Ron Coleman | Pre-Youth Pastor | Church on the Move | Tulsa, OK

We just had Peter Nestler at our church and he is fantastic. The visual effects and the ministry that took place was wonderful. We highly recommend him. Our kids and the adults and the youth just loved the message that came forth as well as his athletic ability. He just ministered to the kids and motivated them. Book him, he'll be great for you!

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Dean Waddell | Children Pastor | Westminster Church of God | Westminster, MD

I just want to give a recommendation for Peter Nestler who was in our church for 2 nights for our VBS program that we had here. I'll tell you what, it was a phenomenal time! Not only were our children of all ages involved and excited about what was going on, but we also had many adults who were intrigued by what they were seeing and what they were hearing. Not to mention the fact that he gave a great, positive message in regards to the way that kids can accomplish goals and accomplish dreams that God has placed in their hearts. I recommend him for any event, family event that you would have, whether it involves church, non-church, school or...whatever. It's just a wonderful way that he puts things together in an applicable way to bless children and adults of all ages.

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Herb Ford | Associate Pastor | Cornerstone Harvest Church | Lima, OH

Peter from Rope Masters did a tremendous job. Extremely professional. The message Peter gave was just what children need to hear. I have rarely seen a crowd so excited. Over the last 5 years we have had hired numerous entertainers for events and Peter from Rope Masters is certainly one of the best. I highly recommend Peter from Rope Masters for events with children of all ages.

Adam Gregg | Worker | Youth Horizons Mentoring | Wichita, KS

It is my recommendation to any pastor wanting to reach young people, to have Peter Nestler come to your church. He will amaze kids and adults with his incredible stunts, and capture their attention to receive the gospel message. Peter is great for events which are geared to reach the "unchurched" because he is relevant and can keep the attention of an audience, using his physical ability to "hook" them.

He performed at an outdoor event in which thousands of people were in awe by his jump-rope ability, and then listened while he spoke in between stunts about God being the center of his life. We are still hearing from people around our area about "that jump-rope guy". What an impact!

Jeremy Drake | Senior Pastor | Eastside Family Church | Troy, IL

I can tell you that having in Rope Masters was excellent. From the moment he took the stage and microphone to the time he ended the service, he had our students' attention. We had people from 6th grade through parents and they all were completely with him from the moment he started to the moment he ended. Book them now!

Tony Chimento | Youth Pastor | Ark Family Church | Conroe, TX

I would like to take the time to recommend to you the "Rope Master" Peter Nestler. Our church brought Mr. Nestler in for three different age groups at our church. The Rope Master performed for each group on our big outreach nights as a draw for the unsaved. Each performance was perfectly directed to the various ages represented each night. A total of over 800 kids were ministered to by His Talent.
The Rope Master was very up to date and prompt with the entire process from promotion to performance. The incredible feats he performed for our kids held their attention and awed everyone.
Given the success of our events, I would recommend Peter Nestler without reservation for your next event.

Devin Leichner | Youth Pastor | The Ark Church.Oneighty | Maize, KS

Peter Nestler of Rope Master's performed for our churches Wednesday evening service. His presentation was outstanding! Not only did it hold the congregations attention, but it also was very inspiring to all who were there. He presented the gospel in a clear and precise way. With 22 decisions for Christ that night I would say it was very clear! He was a joy to work with. I highly recommend him for your school assembly or church service.

Grant R. Foster | Co-Pastor | Riverside Church.Oneighty | Sebastian, FL

Peter Nestler recently conducted a program for the children in our church and I enthusiastically recommend him to others who work with kids. The first thing you will notice is Peter's ability to capture and maintain the interest, heart and imagination of the audience. Next, you will be amazed at his skills. The kids (and adults) will be on the edge of their seats as he does things that defy logic. Finally, you will appreciate his authentic, humble spirit as he teaches the kids what it means to be truly great and inspires them to be champions. As soon as the program was done, kids began asking me when Peter can come back. I hope it will be soon!

Scott Wylie | Pastor of Children's Ministries | Colonial Baptist Church | Cary, NC

Our youth church recently had Peter Nestler of Rope Masters as the guest at our outreach night. We also had him perform at our elementary school as well as a middle school here in town. Upon meeting Peter we were impressed with his attitude and heart for young people. He put on a top quality, high energy performance and was well received by our group. We enjoyed having him and would recommend him highly.

Jeff Purcell | Youth Pastor | Oneighty | Tucson, AZ

The two school assemblies you did for us and the assembly you did here at our church were second to none! There is no doubting that you have a special gift in connecting with children of all ages!
Because the children were left awe struck, and I have the pictures to prove it, it was left to the parents and teachers to give the majority of the verbal response to your visit! The adults I spoke with loved the positive message and the incredible energy with which you delivered it.
As for the children, they can't wait to for your next visit, which is already booked!

John E. Dixon | Children's Pastor | Resurrection Life Church | Wyoming, MI