Click on one of the titles below to explore the various topics. If you’re new to your relationship with God, check out the Basics section. If you have a short attention span, we have numerous videos that are 60 seconds or shorter and you can easily watch one of those. **if you have any problems watching the videos on our site, there is a link at the bottom of each video to watch the video @ vimeo’s web page.

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----Basics/Getting Started----

You've started your relationship with Jesus, now what? Join Peter as he gives you some practical steps on what you need to do right away.
First Steps - watch @ vimeo
If God knows everything, why do we need to pray? Join Peter as he looks at this important question and helps you to understand why we need to pray.
Why Pray? - watch @ vimeo
Looking for a quick course on how to pray? In this 60secondVideo, Peter gives you some quick tips to help you get started with your prayer life.
How to Pray < 60 seconds - watch @ vimeo
Prayer is one of the most powerful and important things you can do in your life, but I've met a number of people who don't know how to pray, and it can be a little embarrassing to ask how. Join me as I walk through the 'disciples' prayer and teach you how you can get started on your prayer life.
This video is a little longer than our normal ones, but that's because I really want to get you started on the right foot.
How to Pray - watch @ vimeo

----What is Sin----

What is sin and who gets to determine what is and isn't considered sin? Join Peter as he discusses what is sin and the difference between subjective and objective rules.
What is Sin? - watch @ vimeo


How you react when trouble hits can make or break your situation. Join Peter as he gives you some practical steps to take when something goes wrong in your life.
How to Handle Trouble < 60 Seconds - watch @ vimeo
Wisdom is more precious than rubies and nothing you desire can compare with her. But how do you get wisdom? Join Peter as he gives some practical steps on how to grow in wisdom.
Get Wise < 60 Seconds - watch @ vimeo
What does it mean to be a new creation in Christ? Join Peter as he shares some of the basics of just what that means.
Butterflies - A New Creation in Christ - watch @ vimeo
God has a different perspective than we do and we need to learn to trust Him. Join Peter as he helps you get started trusting God.
Why Trust God < 60 Seconds - watch @ vimeo
Why not is a question we all ask God at some point in our lives. Join Peter as he discusses why we should trust God's rules.
Why Not? Learning to Trust God - watch @ vimeo
Living on the line is the best way to follow God. Learn why we need to seek out God's way of doing things.
Life on the Line - watch @ vimeo
I'm saved can be quite a confusing statement. Join Peter as he explains 3 contexts that this phrase is used in the bible.
Salvation - What Does it Mean? - watch @ vimeo