I have been back in the states for about a week now since I finished a 3 week trip to Kenya. I had a great time and really look forward to going back someday soon. On that note…I want to sell you an idea, service means everything. Now I know there are a lot of loopholes in that if you want to make it your life philosophy, but I was sold on this due to an interesting week I had in Nairobi. **Quick side note: This philosophy reminds me of a worship leader that once told me that reverb covers over a lot of sins, anyways.

My final 7 days were spent in Nairobi with visits to Kabira to teach a beginning jump rope team. My host spent a fair bit of time finding a convenient hotel (or guest house, which are far more common there) that was inexpensive since we’d be there for a week. We ended up at the International Guest House. I must say, my first impression was not that great. My shower leaked a lot into the bedroom (the fix was to place a towel on the floor in front of the “shower” door), the water was lukewarm, my room smelled a bit like mildew due to the wet carpet, etc. In fact, after 7 days of impressions, it’s still not that great. But I will stay there every time I go to Nairobi. Why? The owner.

Tom may have not had the ritz-carlton on his hands, but he sure knew how to use what he had. Anything we wanted to do, anywhere we wanted to go, he was right there with us, helping arrange transportation, getting us “locals-only” prices on stuff, giving us ideas on must-do stuff, etc. Tom was the bomb. I have spent the last 3 years traveling around the US staying in the shabbiest to the nicest hotels and I can honestly say, I never got this good of service anywhere. Anytime we wanted breakfast, there it was, freshly cooked, a good variety and sparkling conversation. A hotel is a bed and a shower, staying with Tom was an awesome experience. Yeah, I have plenty of stories of funny things happening at the hotel, but I wouldn’t trade them for the Hilton because of the service.

Wherever you find yourself in ministry, whether it’s a massive church, or a tiny little one in a cornfield, make service your priority. Some of the nicest churches I’ve visited were super small ones with sub-par facilities, but they knew about the importance of serving people. Make a point of keeping service as your priority and you’ll be amazed at what God will do through your ministry. And if you need a refresher on how it’s done in the business world, give Tom a call when you’re in Nairobi, the hotel may be shabby, but he more than makes up for it with excellent service.

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