About a week ago I performed at Winterfest in the Vines center at Liberty University (beautiful christian college in the hills). My show was between some different bands/performers. It started with a local rapper, Jamie Grace, Royal Tailor then I headed out for a 25 minute show before Kutless and Toby Mac finished off the night. You never know what will happen when you travel, this trip I had a fun case of mistaken identity. After I finished up my set I headed back to the food room to get something to eat. I sat down and started chatting with a couple of folks whenRead More →

Last Sunday I performed at 2 Jewish events for the celebration of Purim. In case you are unaware of what this festival is about, it is the celebration of Esther saving the Jews from annihilation by the hand of Haman. It was a lot of fun to hang out with a couple Rabbis and a host of dressed up (like Halloween) Jewish families. I still haven’t figured out what the significance of dressing up was for, but it was fun, nonetheless. Actually, my favorite part was when the Rabbi got up and said that tonight we are going to have a good time, and tonight,Read More →

At the end of August, I did something I haven’t done in 13 years…I competed in a rope skipping tournament. The funny thing about it was that I had no intention of competing as close as 2 days before it started. Plus, I was an American in Australia so I didn’t really qualify to be in the tournament as it was the Australian Nationals. The day before the tournament started I was asked by the President of Skipping Australia if I would be willing to help a team out who had just got in and had one kid with a stress fracture and another withRead More →

Last week I was performing in Hoboken, NJ. On my schedule it listed the school as a Middle School, but when I showed up I found that it was an alternative High School. In case you’re not aware of the implications of ‘alternative’ usually it means kids that were not quite up to par with behavior in public schools (they got kicked out) and in the case of inner city public schools, these are rough kids. I hauled all my stuff up 2 flights of stairs and started setting up. The vice principal came in, introduced himself and gave me one of the best pep-talksRead More →